This web site is here for the members of Payne County Rural Water District No.3 in Oklahoma. Its purpose is to keep you informed on what is going on throughout the district, and to help you understand how we run the district.

Water Service Interruption Notice Via E-mail

A new system to notify customers via E-mail for scheduled projects has been implemented. This will be used to keep customers informed of upcoming work projects and water outages. However, only about one-half of customers’ E-mail addresses are in the database. Via E-mail we can inform customers that are affected by scheduled projects and when your water may be off; thereby notifying only affected customers.

Please send us your Account Number, Name, Address and E-mail address; via E-mail to Info@Rwd3.com. Rwd3 Policy does not allow the District to share or sell your information, so your E mail and phone number are secure.

Water Bill Payments & Credit Cards — Email Bills

Payments of water bills are mailed to a bonded drop box service:

RWD 3 Payne County, PO Box 268977, Oklahoma City, OK 73126-8977

For our accounting, we receive scanned images of your check and payment detail daily. We encourage you to consider Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) (aka Automated Clearing House (ACH)) payment of your bill. Bill payments must be: mailed to Oklahoma City, EFT, or Credit Card on-line. Payments may NOT be made at the office. On-line payment instructions may be found by going to our web site and selecting “Payments”. Please consider signing up for paperless statements — send us your e-mail address and let us know you wish to go green.